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Tianjin Guobang Technology Co. Ltd.

Pest control technology, services and consulting (cockroaches, rats, mosquito...

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Company Profile
Tianjin Guobang Technology Co. Ltd.: company registered capital of 2 million Yuan, with pest control center;Cleaning Center;Center for environmental governance, security design and maintenance centers;Goods equipment sales center;Labor Service Center.Respectively, with offices in Tianjin, Beijing Office, Office of the Office of the Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong Shenzhen Office.Services: rodent, the exterminator, pest eradication, smoke oil smoke pipe cleaning, addition of formaldehyde, killing ants, eliminate bugs and other services.Pest Management Centre: aiweihui, Tianjin is approved, registered with the trade and Industry Bureau in Tianjin urban integrated pest management professional PCO company;Made aiweihui issued by: Tianjin engaged in biological control of vectors of professional business services administrative license (qualifications) is a rodent pest control and Health Association of China, Tianjin "four pests" Association;With advanced technology, high... [Detail]
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