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Fujian Oriental Star Simulation Technology Co., ltd

simulation of food model

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Company Profile
Fujian Oriental Star Simulation Technology Co., ltd.,
Founded in 2007, is a professional system to do the simulation of food model of the enterprise.
Factory in Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Zone, with all aspects of professional personnel, but also a food model research team, so that the company's technical force is more strong.
Companies to implement scientific management, the practice of team spirit, continuous improvement, and constantly challenge, to have better technology, better quality products service to the community as their own goals.
The company is committed to the food model system, is based on the product itself has an excellent development prospects, is a sunrise industry.
Food model is also a kind of environmental protection products, it can replace the food and beverage industry in kind, reduce waste, save the cost, but also can avoid the problem of the lack of food.
Company in the spirit of equality and mutual benefit, in different countries and different places ... [Detail]
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