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Liaoning Qushizhuangyuan Aguricultural Technology Development Co., LTD

Food sales; Coarse grain marketing, warehousing, grain grinding.

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Company Profile
Liaoning Qushizhuangyuan Aguricultural Technology Development Co., LTD is a coarse grain nutrition catering food deep processing, crop cultivation, research and development, sales for the integration of emerging food processing enterprises, located in fuxin high-tech industrial development zone, covers an area of 14000 square meters, building area of 6100 square meters, the company has a planting base 10000 mu, the existing staff 65 people, have the raw material warehouse and two large-scale production workshop, the company is close to the mound kam road, convenient transportation and superior geographical environment.
Fuxin is small grains grown gold belt in China, is located in the west of liaoning province, 42 degrees north latitude, fertile soil, summer sunshine time is long, large temperature difference between day and night, rain heat the same, provided the good condition for crops growth, very beneficial to food crops nutrient accumulation; The high quality grain crops planti... [Detail]
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