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Sanseidou CO.,LTD

Kitchen equipment, ceramic tableware

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 Provinces Tong Industrial Co., Ltd. in June 2009 was founded in Tokyo, Japan, the company agency located in Tokyo are Chiyoda rock this town (near Akihabara electric Street) and in Guangzhou is office and logistics center. We have more than 5000 restaurants, hotels, bakery, food factory and other customers in Japan. Major research and development and distribution of food machinery, Japanese cooking stove, furniture, tableware and other related Restaurant Hotel equipment. We focus on the excellent Japanese products and in accordance with the Japanese design, quality requirements of the production of Chinese products in order to provide a reasonable price to China to dealers based customers. Any high level of business, home catering equipment and Japanese restaurant shop related matters, please contact us, we have more than twenty years of industry experience in professional service for you. [Detail]
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