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Fujita Cluster Co,Ltd

Professional production and processing of all kinds of woodworking furniture ...

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Company Profile
 Fujita Cluster Co,Ltd.founded in 2004 in Shanghai,set up a production of "wood products," Shanghai rattan wood Co., ltd.. In 2011 to expand the scale of production at the same time, following the establishment of the rattan wood, the establishment of a new mechanism of Shanghai Fujita Cluster Co,Ltd. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been the belief of "the workers who have made the Japanese style products. In China, which has always been a traditional way of mass production, we are in accordance with the requirements of various customers, especially the production of wood products, can achieve the "multi variety and less mass production.".
Now the factory size has reached the overall more than 200 staff. Products sold to Japan as the center of asia. Moreover, in order to have a very good food and beverage materials, furniture sales as an opportunity to expand into the production of wedding venues, hotel furniture. Now developed into a high degree of evaluation of variou... [Detail]
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