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Beijing Hengyun Zixuan Wine Sales Co.,Ltd

Wholesale and retail pre packaged food, sales of daily necessities, handicraf...

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Company Profile
 With the hometown plot and better display of home products, Beijing Zixuan Hengyun Wine Sales Co., Ltd., was founded in 2010. Advanced business philosophy, fashion consumption guidance, tough market pioneering spirit, strict quality assurance. "pioneering, fashion, win-win, development," is the corporate's culture. Main products: Gansu Zixuan wine, the company to "my private wine cellar in the door", "I and my glass of wine has a date as a unique business mode. Company at 28 Dishang Wanshou Road Haidian District, with 200 square meters of private business premises "Zixuan wine cellar cirque propaganda Zixuan wine culture, display products, wine tasting, thermostatic Tibetan wine region, wine primary knowledge free training, enterprise and individual, as well as wedding personalized wine. Also set in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, the United States, Chile, Argentina and other dozens of wine products sales. The company diversified into a variety of high-grade wine and gift box... [Detail]
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