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Hongya County Yameizi Ecological Food Co., Ltd.

Salted meat sauce wind

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Company Profile
 Hongya CountyYameizi Ecological Food Co., Ltd., in 2007 listing was established, is a professional production, processing, sales wind sauce cured meat products series, seasoning series based enterprises. Registered trademark: "Ya sister", "Ya River", "green qiang". Company uses "company + base + specialized cooperative organization + association + farmer" mode of operation, adhere to the "concentrated feeding, regular quarantine, slaughtering, slaughter test standardization management mode, relying on the broad masses of the people, provides with weeds, sweet potato, corn, bran reared pork Ya River, by the enterprises and technical personnel, the careful selection of material, the Qing Qiang Centennial heritage exclusive technology secret and for us. Elegant woman wind Handmade art has been traditional jiangrou as intangible cultural heritage is protected by the state. In 2008, Ya sister carcass meat, wind blowing meat, sauce, sauce head meat, ribs sauce, wind blowing rib... [Detail]
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