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Hotel wardrobe enterprises need to pay attention to details

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       Nowadays, the wardrobe industry exhibition has considerable scale, the number of the annual exhibition have also risen sharply. Many chest enterprise longed for by exhibition promotion, raise awareness, looking for customers and partners, strengthen exchanges on upstream and downstream. At the same time, sales of products in the exhibition, expand the channels. 
However, many of the enterprise on why the chest, the form of exhibition, what value is tangible and intangible value, how to achieve the purpose of the exhibition, how can I get twice the result with half the effort, and other important problems, there are a lot of misunderstanding, can very good research and careful deployment of few enterprises. 


  Before the show, with a bang after the retreated 
Many companies before the exhibition are full mobilization, fanfare, burn the midnight oil before exhibition, continuous operation, shock proofing, installed; Out in the exhibition, the dealer or potential customers to eat and drink to live line of hospitality, such as a product launch, marketing meeting, bomb lobby, to persuade the customer orders, to open its franchisees, etc; After the temperature dropped substantially, problems ensue, once the dealers to join, follow-up services, and products supply is far and promise in front of poor, the relationship with the dealer steep fall... Syndrome after these "exhibition" is very common, resulting in a decline in corporate reputation, dealers, investment and return unequal, the effect of the exhibition. Enterprise, therefore, don't work in the exhibition preparation and exhibition service and exhibition after tracking well prepared, not in production, technology, system construction and production capacity, fully prepared, even if the show is a sensation, is also difficult to realize the value of the exhibition. 
Lack of system training before exhibition, loopholes in the exhibition 
Exhibit on the meeting, we found some marketing managers and marketing personnel for the purpose of the enterprise participation is not very clear, could not say enterprises exhibitors clear purpose and want to achieve; For the exhibition of new products is not very understanding, can't accurately convey new product model, characteristic, orientation and the basic information such as price, less than positive role for the promotion of new products; Many enterprises show staff all say not clear, don't even know it, or help to say hello to the along while also could not ask why, cause enterprise lose awards qualification; Some business people lack of ownership, or business minded their own area, not comprehensive services to customers, thereby causing loss to the company... Above case, the enterprise in the daily work of blind area, there are a lot of work before the exhibition neither establish corresponding early warning system, there is no corresponding training on how to deal with these problems. 
Old exhibition way, branding existence erroneous zone 
Exhibition of guest coming and going though and left to a business card or address show little effectively after finishing, classification, analysis, less after the exhibition by hot while the iron is hot to track links, mining valuable customers. This lack of exhibition to little effect. And abroad exhibitions, we often see foreign enterprises wardrobe for subsequent tracking work done well, and will continuously keep in touch with visitors or clients. 
Many exhibitors product manuals are still very traditional, many only care about beautiful and artistic, ignore the manual systemic, functionality and convenience, is often not the overall framework of product and product characteristics of instruction, but a product of individual show, many customers took out after you lost, make publicity material did not play a proper role. The reason is that there is still no clear the purpose of the exhibition, thought that name the more the better, the lack of focus and reinforcement. 
Marketing, in urgent need of innovation 
The exhibition is "mirror" of the market. Great changes have taken place in the market, marketing channels, marketing, marketers, marketing service and quality, marketing methods in the obvious change. Celebrity endorsements obsolete, beauty marketing work, group tour exhibition doesn't work... Those used tips for today's customers are out of date, maybe the scene is sensational, but still remember this enterprise after busy, only remember the name of beauty and fashion. Marketing approach is important, but more importantly is the enterprise must work hard in the quality of products, services, and communication, can we truly achieve the purpose of the exhibition. 
Don't take on too much, greed and corruption of mixed 
At present, in China no matter what show has flood trend, wardrobe exhibition is no exception. Therefore, it is recommended that the enterprises according to their own product characteristics, the current capacity size and market positioning qualification wise choice of the location, the type and number of exhibitors, avoid by all means take on too much greed big miscellaneous, strive to achieve the "less is more", "small is big", try to consider participating in some well-known TTF attending, such as office wardrobe exhibition, woodworking machinery exhibition, civilian wardrobe exhibition, ambry, door, floor show some TTF attending both at home and abroad, such as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. 
Before the exhibition must keep analysis of markets, products and competitors; Is going to do overall planning, exhibition organization, layout and assessment; Training to the staff to do comprehensive and specification; Set a clear goal and achieve the goal, ways and strategies; Prepare for participation in the early period of the product technology and product design and production; Well and tracking, and after the exhibition in the exhibition services, and will track result summary and evaluation in time, make the positive response for the enterprise strategic adjustment, thus exhibiting the real victory. 
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