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The brief analysis of development trend of hotel linen

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       Hotel linen although throughout the hotel construction investment the proportion is not big, but the hotel cloth grass more and more get the attention of the investors and hotel customers, because he is the guest room supplies direct contact with the human body, also is the important embodiment of guest room comfort, is also reflect the characteristics of the hotel main products. In the increasingly competitive hotel industry, more and more hotel cloth grass investors' attention, especially in recent years, the hotel cloth grass varieties and grades of diversification, etc, the development trend of high quality and personalized hotel cloth grass is developing rapidly. 


  Wide range of hotel cloth grass, not only including hotel bedding, curtain, towel, bathrobe, and the hotel's restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other places of Taiwan tablecloth, plate MATS, etc. Hotel cloth grass a vast market and is not to be neglected opportunity. Textile products as decorative material, has been applied in large Numbers in space at the hotel, hotel each functional space soft environment. Soft environment design is a main part of the space environment and the elements, the material, color sample, it show form constitutes a space function grade hotel. Shape space morphological characteristics at the same time, to people's physical, psychological and other related direct impact on human factors, constitutes the use function of space environment and function of form part of the most effective and necessary. 


Hotel cloth grass from the perspective of environmental design for residential environment, is the major point to the overall harmony, coordination and room environment must be considered and the particularity of room function, attention should be paid to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style. Studies show that from the perspective of health care: a third of human life are all in sleep, the body during sleep can get sufficient rest, largely determines the health of the body. As a daily use, concise, convenient and practical combination of single is a good choice, you can change with the seasons and personal needs often changing color, create a different atmosphere from the perspective of the changing season the bedding should be selected according to the change of seasons, such as spring, summer, can choose pure and fresh, bouncing colour to create a lively atmosphere, winter can choose warm color to move, foil the visual effect of warm. 


Hotel cloth grass as a standalone product form, meet the needs of the hotel the function of each space: such as: all the furniture, bedspread, tablecloth, napkin, towels. Different functional characteristics of products in the fabric material, craft, the choice of the color sample has different requirements and production, etc. An important consideration of the characteristics of the product in the process of using, such as cleaning, disinfection, storage, transportation, etc. In the hotel, in the daily management of the "cloth" is the hotel daily must deal with. Products include: sheet, pillow, towel, bath towel, tablecloth, napkin, cup mat, etc. For these supplies, daily cleaning and disinfection. So when choosing these supplies the surface material, not only to consider the fabric color sample of coordination with the overall style is more to consider in comfort, wash resistance in the process of use in the future, will shrink, deformation degree and so on. Because of these supplies comprehensive quality directly affect the hotel to the guest's intuitive feelings. 


Modern hotel is no longer with the size of the special style, surface as win the point, but in regional consumer groups for object, combining with the investors' money, management, business strategy, the consumption idea, behavior, way, reflected in the built environment, interior space, supporting facilities supplies, comprehensive factors such as service quality of the planning process. In the modern aesthetic ideas embodied in pursuit of human nature, comfortable, and meticulous service. 


Home textiles design is rich, home textile products on the color, pattern and material are more delicate than hotel supplies, also more close to people's lives. Now, the development of hotel industry is more and more personalized, the trend of the hotel linen should be also more and more stylish, closer towards the direction of the home is a feature of the hotel textile, let you no matter wher, can be found in the home of the sweet feeling. Now, the more upscale hotel, textiles the more thoughtful, nuanced, let you hate can't also eager to stay in a hotel in the home feeling. 

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