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Chengdu hotel supplies professional market is developing rapidly

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According to the survey, the next few years, chengdu hotel will present a huge number of growth, the industry upgrading process are also accelerating. With the vigorous development of the tourism industry, the growing number of hotels have sprung up all over the country, the hotel supplies industry present a broad prospects for development. Survey of the marriott hotel group, chengdu hotel number will have a huge growth in the next few years, there are expected to be tens of billions of capital investment. 
Comprehensive hotel supplies hotel supplies industry in short is refers to the things which are needful to the hotel product, generally can be divided into ceramic glass lighting, kitchen utensils, building materials, decoration, office furniture, needles textiles, food, beverages, cleaning products, hygiene products, household appliances and hotel management software, etc. Hotel supplies is contains numerous category of merchandise categories, the hotel supplies industry would become the include hotel all the requirements of special industries, is characterized by its main industry customers (hotels) concentration, high demand, consumer goods are relatively stable. On tourism, convention and exhibition industry and the development of the catering industry, chengdu hotel supplies consumption also present a substantial increase. 
Two big markets hold up a piece of heaven and earth, after only in chengdu lotus pond, two immortal bridge, there are less than 100 hotel supplies business, and most of the shops are not a climate. After few years of development, has been formed in chengdu in southwest hotel supplies wholesale mall and two immortal bridge tao bo hotel supplies city as the center of two large hotel supplies professional sale, the two major market focused chengdu hotel supplies industry sales businesses, large and small shoulder the chengdu and even western hotel supplies, the main sales of its size and reputation. In China, New hotel appear constantly, is in constant upgrading existing hotel, hotel supplies the demand of the market expands rapidly, a gold opportunity comes once in a blue moon too much. 
Hotel supplies industry association to promote information sharing everything in the past for a long time, manufacturers and marketing firms are fragmented, no climate. On July 18, 2003, the chengdu hotel supplies industry association was born, this is the first national hotel supplies industry association. 
Hotel supplies industry association in the specification industry internal order and morality, and strive to make the hotel supplies industry embarked on a track of benign development, orderly progress has played a great guide, laid the foundation for the prosperity of the chengdu hotel supplies market, set up a bridge between production and marketing enterprises, expand information channels of communication, support, cooperation with each other, these are all essential for industry development. Establish industry association's purpose is to establish a fair competition platform, make hotel supplies market is gradually under the booster of association to specification. 
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