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"Chinese tourist hotel industry norms"

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First chapter is the general article 1 in order to advocate the performance of the rule of good faith, protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers and tourist hotel, maintain the normal order of tourist hotel industry management and promote the healthy development of China's tourism hotel industry, China tourist hotel association according to relevant state laws and regulations, and established the China tourist hotel industry standards "(hereinafter referred to as the" specification "). 
Article 2 the term "tourist hotel including set up within the territory of China all kinds of economic nature of the hotel, including hotels, hotels, resorts, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the hotel). 
Article 3. The hotel shall abide by the relevant state laws, regulations and rules, comply with social ethics, integrity management, to maintain the reputation of Chinese tourist hotel industry. 
Article 4 of chapter 2 booking, registration and check in hotel accommodation contract, shall be performed together with the guest is unable to perform the accommodation contract due to force majeure, any party shall promptly notify the other party. Otherwise agreed by both sides, according to the contract. 
Article 5 the hotel due to overbooking and make the reservation guests can't stay, the hotel should take the initiative to arrange local the same or higher than the restaurant for the guests hotel check-in, the relevant expenses to be borne by the hotel. 
Article 6. The hotel should be with the team, meeting, long-staying guests sign a housing contract. Content of the contract shall include the guest check-in and check-out time, room grade, and prices, food prices, terms of payment, the liability for breach of contract, etc. 
Article 7 when handling the guest check in hotel, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, for the guests present valid certificate, and register according to the facts. 
Article 8 the following hotel can not receive: (a), which endanger the safety of the hotel to carry items into the store; (2) is engaged in the illegal activity; (3) the damage to the image of the hotel, such as carrying animals); (4) no ability to pay or had fled account record; (5) hotel full; (6) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. 
The third chapter hotel charges of article 9 of the hotel price list shall be placed in the front desk prominently, provide the reference for the guests. Hotel guest house price discount as a given, shall be agreed in writing. 
Article 10. The hotel should be prominently in the vestibule express hotel price and lodging time and settlement method, or confirm the information with appropriate way to inform the guest. 
Article 11 according to the provisions of the state, if the hotel guest room, dining, laundry, telephone calls and such services service charge, shall, in the price list and related services plain code marks a price on the price list. 
Chapter 4 protecting personal and property safety the guest article 12 in order to protect the guest's personal and property safety, hotel guest room door should be device anti-daolian, door mirror, emergency evacuation diagram, inside toilet should adopt measures to effectively prevent slippery. Guest room should be placed the service guide, accommodation information and fire prevention guide. Conditional hotel shall install guest room electronic door lock and public area security monitoring system. 
Article 13. The hotel shall ensure that the fitness and entertainment facilities, equipment in good condition and safe. 
Article 14 the place for that might damage the guest personal and property security, the hotel should take protective measures, warning. Warning signs shall be chinese-foreign controls. 
Article 15 the hotel shall take measures to prevent the guest placed in the property loss, destruction of the guest room. Due to the cause of the hotel guest property loss, destruction, hotel shall bear the responsibility. 
Article 16 the hotel shall protect the guest's privacy. In addition to the daily cleaning and maintenance facilities or the emergencies such as fire, the hotel staff shall not be arbitrarily without permission from the guest into the guest room. 
Article 17 of the fifth chapter takes care of the guest valuables hotel shall set up have double lock the guests at the front desk valuables safe. Valuables in the safe position shall be safe, convenient, concealed, can protect the privacy of the guest. The hotel shall, in accordance with the prescribed time limit, hotel guests valuables custody services free of charge. 
Article 18. The hotel shall keep the service for hotel guests valuables to make stipulated in writing, and shall be prompt in the guest check-in registration. Violation of article 17 and the provisions of this article, the guest valuables lost, the hotel shall be liable for compensation. 
Article 19 the guest check the valuables, hotel guests should be required to fill in the valuables keeping list, and deal with concerned formalities. 
Article 20 the hotel guest room set up safe deposit for the hotel guests provide only general items. For not in accordance with the provisions, the valuables in the hotel front desk valuables safes, and cause the room guest valuables lost, damaged, if the responsibility in the hotel, can be regarded as general items to compensate. 
Article 21. If no prior agreement, the guests check out room left after the hotel, the hotel can ideposit guest valuables out the safe of the items, and shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations. Hotel should be on the guest valuables keeping pursuant to express. 
Article 22 the guest hotel if lost valuables safe keys, in addition to the compensation cost of key, the hotel also can ask the guest to assume the cost of repairing the safe. 
Article 23. The hotel takes care of the guests usually belongings chapter 6 guests an antechamber luggage office sending luggage items, should check whether the packaging intact, safe, ask any prohibited items, and after both parties /confirm/iation, issued by luggage card to the guest. 
Article 24 of the guest in catering, recreation, front desk luggage office and other places to check items, the hotel should ask the guest items have any valuables in the face to face. Guest check items, if you have any valuables in the declaration, shall be submitted to the hotel by the hotel employee acceptance and pay the hotel valuables storage at free custody; Guests prior statement or don't agree to verify the items lost, damaged, if the responsibility in the hotel, the hotel in accordance with the general goods compensate; The guest to check items without requires special safekeeping measures are put forward, because the item itself causes damage to or loss of, the hotel does not assume liability to pay compensation; Due to the guest did not check items described in advance, thereby causing loss to the hotel, in addition to the hotel knows or should know that without to take remedial measures, the hotel can ask the guest to assume corresponding liability for compensation. 
Chapter vii. Article 25 of the laundry service for the guest laundry, the hotel should be required to indicate the washing in the laundry list guest species and requirements, and should check whether there is any breakage on clothing status. Guest if you have any special requirement or hotel staff found clothes worn, both sides should be confirmed and indicate in the laundry list in advance. Guest did not put forward special requirements in advance, the hotel shall be carried out in accordance with the conventional washing, clothing damage, the hotel does not assume liability to pay compensation. Immediately after the guest laundry in the washing found damaged, and the hotel cannot prove that the clothing is broken before washing, hotel to assume corresponding responsibility. 
Article 26. The hotel shall be indicated in the laundry list, ask the guest to take out the items in the laundry. Loss of guest clothing items after washing, the hotel is not liable. 
Chapter 8 of article 27 of the hotel parking lot management should protect hotel guests in the parking lot vehicle safety. Due to improper safekeeping, causing the loss or destruction of or damage to vehicles, assume corresponding responsibility hotel, but because the guest's own reasons except for the loss or destruction of or damage to vehicles. Both sides is in default shall assume their respective liabilities accordingly. 
Article 28. The hotel shall prompt the guest keep well placed in the items in the car. Items placed inside the vehicle loss, the hotel is not liable. 
Chapter 9 Article 29 other hotel if refuse the guests bring their own drinks and food in restaurants, bars, dance halls and other places, declined to sign shall be set in a prominent location on the premises, or confirm the information with appropriate way to inform the guest. 
Article 30. The hotel have a duty to remind the guest in the room to comply with the relevant provisions of the state, not private accommodation or leave others without authorization will change room for others to use the transfer and use purpose. In violation of regulations, thereby causing loss to the hotel, the hotel may require staying at the guest room bear corresponding liability to pay compensation. 
Article 31 the hotel can prompt oral or written notice to the guest must not take to modify guest room, decoration. Without the consent of the hotel renovation, decoration and cause losses, hotel can ask guest bear corresponding compensation liabilities. 
Article 32 the hotel have an obligation to prompt the guest to take care of the hotel property. Damage is caused due to the guests, the hotel can ask the guest to assume liability to pay compensation. Repair damaged due to the guests, hotel facilities and equipment during the room can't rent, places open and operating loss, visual hotel the situation requires the guest to assume responsibility. 
Article 33 the guests to drink too much, the hotel should be proper and timely, prevent the guests drunk in the hotel. Guest drunken hit and cause damage in the hotel, the hotel may require the perpetrator bear corresponding liability to pay compensation. 
Article 34 after the guest check out, if there are any items left in the guest room, the hotel should try to get in touch with the guest, to return goods or send it back to the guest, or keep for guests, produced by the expenses shall be borne by the guests. Still unclaimed after three months, the hotel can be cataloged, according to shortage make-up goods processing. 
Article 35. The hotel shall provide the products and services that are in conformity with this restaurant. Products and services provided by the hotel if there are defects, the hotel should take measures in time to improve. Due to the reason of the hotel losses to the guests, the hotel shall, according to damage degree to apologize to the guest, or give corresponding compensation. 
Chapter 10 processing violates this article 36 Chinese tourist hotel industry association member hotel "specification", consequences and effects, in addition to handling in accordance with relevant provisions, China tourist hotel association will give the member hotels association internal criticism. 
Article 37 Chinese tourist hotel industry association member hotel in violation of the "specification" greater damage to the guest's personal. Or property caused serious damages to the guest and if the circumstances are serious, in addition to compensate according to the rules, member of Chinese tourist hotel industry association to the hotel to give public criticism. 
Violates this article 38 Chinese tourist hotel industry association member hotel "specification", give the person cause major injury or offer the guest caused heavy losses of property and if the circumstances are especially serious, in addition to compensate according to regulations, approved by the standing council China tourism hotel industry association, will be the member hotels. 
Chapter 11 Supplementary provisions article 39 hotel safety evacuation signs in public places, etc., shall be in conformity with the provisions of the state. Graphic symbol of the restaurant should conform to the law of the People's Republic of China tourism industry standards LB/T001-1995 tourist hotel public information graphic symbol. 
Article 40 the Chinese tourist hotel industry association member if disputes with guest hotel, shall be the terms negotiated solution; the "specification" If consultation fails, the two sides in accordance with the relevant state laws, regulations, and rules and regulations. 
Article 41 the "specification" is used in China tourism hotel industry association member of the hotel. 
Article 42 the "specification" shall enter into force as of May 1 2002. 
Article 43 the "specification" by China tourist hotel association approved by the standing council and shall be responsible for the interpretation. 
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