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Tasty treats near Hangzhou’s major transport stops

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As G20 is to be held in Hangzhou next Sunday till September 6, the city is restricted and/or closed off for the event. The affected area include major portion of the Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area.

Some parts of Hangzhou's major roads including Fengqi Road, Qingchun Road and Xihu Avenue will be closed.

Till August 31, workers must scan their national ID cards to enter the affected areas. Others must go through a security check with their ID or passports in order to enter. Cars without a G20 transportation pass or whose owners do not live within affected areas will be denied entrance.

From September 1 to 6, no outside access is allowed. only those who reside or work within restricted areas will be allowed access after a security and ID check. only cars with G20 passes will be allowed access.

Public transport is suggested if you stay in Hangzhou lately, and remember always carry your passport, residence permit and proof of residence (registration) with you.

But nothing will stop a foodie's heart, plus large supermarket, shopping malls, and large restaurants will still open during September 1 to 7 whilst most Hangzhou residents are given an extra holiday.

To get to West Lake, we can take subway, and the stops closest to the water is Fengqi Road Metro stop and Longxiangqiao Metro stop, which are actually two blocks of restaurants.

If you are still in Hangzhou, bring your passport, pass the subway security check and hunt for foods there.

The Metro station on Fengqi Road houses eateries, stores and a gallery underground.

Strolling in the station's long air-conditioned strip offers a comfortable respite from the scorching weather outside. And then, of course, comes to the food. Here you can find everything from desserts and pancakes to Japanese donburi.

For a fast grab-and-go meal, the danbing (egg pancake) is a great option. Youlanda Pancake makes "healthy, clean and fancy danbing that are different from those seen on street corners," says chef Xiao Wang.

But what exactly are these differences? For one thing, oil is avoided. And the eggs come from free-ranged hens. The cooks wear hats, masks and gloves. There are also more filling options here than your ordinary danbing vendor.

The process of making danbing is quite similar to making a French crepe. Pour flour liquid onto a round heated iron plate, spread it out onto a round sheet and then add filling ingredients. While crepes are usually filled with sweet fruits and honey, danbing are often filled with salty pickled vegetables, fried chips, sausage or ham.

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